Jayco Hardwood Floors is a local small business from Bremerton, WA who services the Kitsap, Pierce, Mason, and Jefferson Counties.

Our company is fully Bonded and Insured. We guarantee our work and ensure our job is not complete until our customer is satisfied.

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About the Owners

Jason Quinene

Owner and Your Contractor 

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After about ten years of working for privately owned companies, my wife and I decided to take a leap of faith and start our own journey doing what I love. I am passionate about what we do and I like to bring quality craftsmanship into my work. Without my attention to detail, passion and love for what my wife and I created, we would be an ordinary company. But I believe we have created a business to be proud of. 

                           - Jay

Nicole Quinene

Owner and Business Manager

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Life always knows how to redirect you when you think you have things figured out. My husband and I started our company because of his dream. I knew that with his great skill-set and our combined work ethic, we could create something to be proud of. I think the beauty of our team is that we both have vested interest in making our company great. We knew that we had to set ourselves apart from the rest. We recognize each-others strengths and know when to lead or be led in each situation. As a team, we  do our best to create a finished product that our customers will love.

                                   - Nicole 


Our commitment to you is to bring the art of fine craftsmanship to your door, every time.